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1Complete Data Wipe  v.3.3.0Utilities / Disk UtilitiesFreeFreeware1.44 Mb
2MS Word Add or Remove (Delete) Data, Tex  v.7.0Business / Miscellaneous$19.99Shareware471 Kb
3Add or Remove (Delete) Data & Characters From Text Files Software  v.7.0Utilities / File Management$19.82Shareware339 Kb
4Excel Delete Remove Duplicates and Duplicate Cells Data from Multiple Excel Spreadsheets  v.9.0Internet / Utilities$29.95Trial1.8 Mb
501 Delete duplicate files or Delete duplicate file  v.3.5Utilities / File Management$32.90Shareware1.26 Mb
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1Flash Wiper  v.3.0Utilities / File Recovery$19.95SharewareDetail

Many people believe formatting the drive or deleting the file will complete delete information from the drive. Actually that is not so. A real deleting of files on drives is only possible through a complete overwrite of the original files with

819 Kb
2Delete Hard Dri / Disk Utilities$16.90SharewareDetail

Delete Hard Drive Software erases complete disk data eternally. Delete Hard Drive Software deletes data with various standard algorithms which are made for windows NTFS and FAT file systems. Deleted data can't be recovered by any recovery tool. It

1.64 Mb
3Delete Duplicate Mp3 Files  v.9.0Audio / Music Management$29.95TrialDetail

Delete Duplicate Mp3 Files 9.0 is an innovative program which provides a complete solution to find and delete duplicate mp3 files. Some of the features include, ability to recursively search directories for identical mp3 files to delete and send to

2.1 Mb
4TurboShredder  v.0.033Utilities / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

Do you want to delete some top secret files?

61 Kb
5Voldemort  v.0.05Development / MiscellaneousFreeFreewareDetail

Voldemort::Store is a basic client to get, delete and put data.

10 Kb
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1Soft4Boost Secure Eraser  v. / Disk UtilitiesFreeFreeware11.84 Mb

data deletion, secure deleting files, personal data, shredder, security deletion, confidential, delete partitions, erase all data, delete complete pc data, eraser File Washer  v.6.00Utilities / Security$19.99Shareware381 Kb

delete, erase, wipe, un-delete, un-erase, un-wipe, undelete, unerase, secure, complete, security, completely, file, files, data, gutman, dod, overwrite, overwriting, rename, renaming, recover, destroy, wash, washer, destroyer, clean, cleaning, cleaner, easy

3Complete Data Wipe  v.3.3.0Utilities / Disk UtilitiesFreeFreeware1.44 Mb

data wiper, data eraser software, data erasing program, data cleaner, data cleaning tool, data wiping

4Data Shredding Software  v.11.04.01Utilities / File Management$29.00Shareware4.39 Mb

data shredding, data shredding software, data shredder, data eraser, secure delete, document shredding, delete file, delete files, how to permanently delete files, file shredder windows 7, delete files permanently, permanently delete files

5Data Terminator  v.1.1.1Utilities / SecurityFreeFreeware5.14 Mb

information protection, terminate data, permanently delete, data terminator

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